August 16, 2021 | 21:53

GitLab Git Operations with Nitrokey

As with GitHub, you can also deposit your (Nitrokey) SSH key at, by navigating to Preferences -> SSH Keys. Now verify that the key is working: $ ssh -T Don’t forget to check that the shown fingerprint matches the one on this site. Now if your key is uploaded correctly, the Nitrokey needs to be plugged in, and you will potentially be asked to enter your Nitrokey PIN. Read more

December 30, 2020 | 14:13

Hugo, Docker, GitLab CI, and more ...

Here I’m describing the process, how this blog is built and deployed using Hugo, Docker and GitLab CI. In essence, every time I push code (or in my case content for my Hugo blog) to a GitLab repository, the GitLab CI runner will create a Docker container and provide it in it’s own private Docker registry. Watchdog will notice the change and pull the image. Read more

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