December 22, 2023 | 19:11

HackTheBox - Sauna

Sauna from HackTheBox is an easy rated machine, in which we first identify an Active Directory user through a list of team members on a web page and get credentials for it through ASREP Roasting. We then identify a service account and find its password in the AutoLogon credentials. That user has DCSync privileges, which we can use to dump the hash of the Administrator and use that hash to get Administrator access. Read more

December 16, 2023 | 21:01

HackTheBox - Forest

Forst from HackTheBox is a Windows box, in which we first enumerate users via SMB and then use ASREP Roasting to get AD credentials of a service account. After that, we can add that account to an Exchange group that allows the assignment of DCSync privileges in order to dump NTLM hashes. Port Scanning The open TCP ports indicate that we’re dealing with a domain controller for the htb.local domain running Windows Server 2016: Read more

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